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. . . with Nothing but time on your hands?

In reality you should thank God for your life, before your time here is done,
but then again you can do whatever you want, it’s your life anyway.

C’est la Vie, or Joie de Vivre, the choice  is yours to make.
but if you want to know the truth, you’ve gotta do it for yourself,
and cope with reality as you find it.

Now is the moment when you Discover the truth, & the reason for the blogs.
I’m just a guy who HOPEs for some CHANGE,
as I try to abide, & live my life in peace.
Do you think I’m lookin’ for a piece of the action,
or believe there’s another reason for what I’m doin’?

In reality I know my reason for being, & thank Allah for giving me life.
I’m here to kill a little time, and tell you what the truth is,
regardless what anyone believes.

Without further ado, I’ll tell you what to do,
but after that, you’re on your own.
I’m not here to save your butt,
but we can have a little fun!

I’m prepared to talk to anyone, on the show that I propose.
I’m just a guy who knows what the truth is, but I’m not the only one.
Others know what it’s all about, but they use different words,
when we come together on the show, it’ll be a meeting of minds!

And now I think I’ll close this post, and get on with my life.
Peace be with those of you who are seeking the truth,
& may those of you who HOPE for some CHANGE,
may you receive just what you need.
While the rest of you, and your loved ones too,
Live long & Prosper also!

With an Everlasting Love,
Now, & Forever Always,
virtually yours,
immaculately stoned! 


And you know it will end, but will it be the end of the world?
BTW, whose year is it anyway?

I think not, but who the hell am I you may ask.
If you believe that jesus christ was some sort of GOD,
what I tell you may be hard for you to swallow.

It’s true that I’m immaculately stoned, but In reality I’m also passionate about reason.
But I’m not a character that’s make believe, in reality my true name is Daniel Harold McFarling.
I’ll let you know the “International Fellowship of Christian of Jews” has also labeled me Mr. Jesus 2.3,
and the Federal Government has delivered the mail to me as “The God of Abraham”,
cuz’ the guys at the fellowship did.
In reality the Rabbi wants my money,
but at the moment I’m unemployed.
I’m not the God, I’m just a man…

who is virtually jesus christ!

Now that I’ve given you some food for thought, go ahead and swallow now.

I’ve got a problem with the Morning Call, and I’m not talking about the Fajr prayer.
It’s a newspaper near Bethlehem. That’s near where I go to Jumah services.
I pass by Egypt on my drive, and got a friend in Emmaus (I’ve taken the road to there).

If none of this rings a bell in your head, you don’t know shit about the bible.
In reality I don’t care, cuz’ the story’s all wrong.
You can blame Paul for the mess, but in reality it was all GOD’s Will.

Jesus 1.0 was never crucified,
do you think they’ll crucify me?

Now that you Know the TRUTH about God’s name,
it’s time for REALITY to bite back.
There’s a REASON for this – and it’s not because god is pissed.
The REASON is simply because i can, & i’m not alone, i’ve got my Will power.

my Will enjoys a good laugh, and that is REASON enough for me.
Therefore, i’d like to form a trinity,
with billy, sarah & me. Billy made a movie about Religion,
Sarah made a movie about JESUS.
I saw a movie called Pirate Radio.
I feel like i’m everybody in the movie, but in REALITY,
i identify with the black guy – we’ve got the same name.

Now Sarah thinks Jesus is Magic, i know him as a prophet.
Do you think we both have our heads up our butts?
If you’ve seen my picture,  you know that my head is right were it belongs.

I haven’t seen sarah’s butt, but in REALITY i wouldn’t mind. Hell, i bet it’d be just fine. Sarah is one of those people who thinks she was ‘CHOSEN’ – who the fork chose those people, i certainly didn’t.  But i’ve now chosen Sarah, what do you think we should do to her now?  Let your imagination run wild!

And then there’s my friend Billy. Not Billy Bob, but Billy Maher. He’s another one of those people. You know, in their mind, they think they were chosen.
In REALITY, they have been chosen – it seems that they get chosen a lot. Sometimes people chose themselves, and sometimes someone else chooses them.  What do you think?

If you do your research you’ll discover that chosen wasn’t the 1st word on the subject – Treasured is the word that i found. Is there any doubt in your mind that Billy and Sarah have gotten their treasure. What about all those other chosen people?  Do they have enough treasure already?  When do you think they will share?

Anyway, back to my friend Billy. He’s one funny chosen person. Not that i chose him to be funny. Did you choose him to be funny? Do you think he is Universally liked? I think not.
I suppose if you were an atheist you may find him funny though. If you had a clue about what was TRUE, or if you were simply searching for TRUTH you may not find him funny. But In REALITY he doesn’t give a shit about you.

He’s one of those people tryin’to get head.  I mean get ahead.  Of course you realize for everybody getting head, somebody has to give it. And for everybody who is getting ahead, there are all of us just tryin to survive who are left behind.  When a guy is a dick, it doesn’t matter if you kneel in front of him, or bend over – he’s got somethin’ for either end. Don’t you worry your little head – a good book has told me we’ll all get ours in the end. Do you think Billy is ready?

I am, are you?

What the hell, if you think you were chosen – you probably don’t give a shit about the rest of us. Do you?

So, if SARAH and Billy don’t like what i’ve said –tough shit. IT’s all the TRUTH.
But if they’d like to chat with me, i’m ready willing and able.  I’ll leave the cane at home.  I don’t need anything to hit them with…

You see, I’ve got REALITY, and TRUTH – they’ve got some sort of comedy schtick.

When i get done with those chosen two, maybe you’ll understand the REASON why nobody is chosen.

So, if you’d like to see a trinity, why not let it be
Sarah, Billy, and ME!

It’ll be so much fun!  I’ll just hang out with my friends and wait for their call.
If you can’t wait, then get them on the phone and tell them you want to see what happens next…
I don’t have a clue, but those guys will tell you anything. I’m just gonna’ tell you the TRUTH – whether you forkin’ like it or not.

Then again, maybe i’m just ‘immaculately stoned’!

Will you Listen to Reason?

Hear is the text, the voices Will be along any moment now:

REASON listens to Will, and has submitted to HIS Will.

Will you do either?

Hi, this is the voice of reason talking to you. HOPE all is well with you and your loved ones, but if it isn’t – there’s nothing i can do to CHANGE that.
If all is not well in your world, there is a REASON for this. You are not thinking hard enough, or you may be thinking too hard. I can hardly know which one it is – it’s your mind not mine.

I can only tell you this – look at REALITY for what it is, and then tell yourself the TRUTH of what you see. This is the course of action i submitted to many years ago. And now, i’ve simply submitted to God’s Will.

i know that what you hear may not be pleasant to your ears, so listen to what Will has to say:

Peace be with you all! And i HOPE you all get a piece! or maybe just a little CHANGE is all you need.  Listen to REASON, he knows what he talks about!  He knows there’s a Universal Truth:

  • you were born,
  • you are now alive –
  • but you will die any moment!

He’s some sort of master mind, who seems to have mastered his mind.
Go figure?

While he may not have a plan, in REALITY he has a REASON – and that reason is the TRUTH.

so don’t be a jerk – Now REASON and I must get back to work!

Thanx Will! He’s got a Hell of a voice, don’t you agree?
I HOPE they understood, but some people may never CHANGE.
by THE WAY, my brothers, sisters, friends, and fiends –
Know this – the booming voice of Will, was not the voice of GOD’s Will.
Only madmen talk to God! God doesn’t need to talk to anybody. If you want to talk to Will, you are Free to do so, but in REALITY God Will not talk to you. What REASON would he have? He’s already given you a REASON to Submit to His Will, and a Prophet to believe in.

Now what Will you do in the next moment? Do you have a clue what He will do after everybody’s last moment?

If Not, you’d better find a good book that tells you. Not some book created by committee – but a book created by God’s Will – and delivered by his Angel.

If that isn’t REASON enough – then simply sit in a corner and think about nothing.  UM, That should please you, and get you out of our way.
a Win-Win situation, at least for the moment.

Remember this – a mind at peace with itself, Will cause actions that are peaceful in REALITY. If you do this, you will have no REASON to worry about the future. And your TRUTH will be hear now.

Will you listen to REASON? if not, Will you read what’s on his blog? It is there you will find his passion.

But you still may not listen to Reason or Will. C’est la vie.
try getting stoned first, then read what is in REALITY – Daniel’s TRUTH (with God by his side, he didn’t slay the lions – but he did lay with the lions and the lions never bit Daniel).

Get back to us when your mind is settled. Or stop by the coffeeshop and help the world discover the REALITY behind the TRUTH, or the TRUTH behind the REALITY – it’s all in your mind, you do know?

peace be with you always!

You should always try to be aware,
of what you say & do out there.

To be aware of all i say, you’ll just have to join the Club.

The Channels that you watch, and the Channels that you visit,
Are the thoughts that enter into your mind,
and then begin to quiz it.

Hear are the thoughts of the GHOSTs in the MACHINE.
All of them are friends of mine, so don’t none of you be mean!
Show them compassion, because you really don’t need to fear them,
They Truly are harmless, as long as you don’t forget to feed them.

For my words to this discussion,
this link,
Will open the locks.
But i warn you now, you may despair,
because it’s mostly incomprehensible bollocks.

I’m sorry if my last post may have offended you. I know not where you live, or when you view my blog. I don’t know you personally, although i feel that i do.

Nevertheless, our cultures and religions may not be the same,
for this, it is possible, that i’ve offended you, or some other name.

This is not my intention, but if you want someone to blame,
Blame Last Hamlet, if you Will, and no other Name.
My Friend was a strong man, but now he is dead,
He still wants you happy, keep that thought in your head!

So forget about the picture, hear what Danny,
Really would have said,
even if it came from this Danny,
and it was all in my head.

You may have read about the doGZ,
i’ve told you in my blog;
But do you know the EYE in the SKY?

If you know Danny, than you just may know him.
You can even call him, the Pie in the SKY.

If you don’t know either,
this is what you should do before you die,


and your FREEDOM will be your TRUTH,

but the TRUTH to the REALITY,

can be read in a book, or my blog, or even heard in a voice,

but understand this, it was not some committee.

Just a picture, and a few words

but look close, something is missing.

"In all my Glory" or "Hey, what an ASS"

As i am born, so i will die. What you see is what you get.

Don’t ask me what is on the other side of the mirrors,
I’m looking at what has happened, from the front and from the rear.
But there is something missing from this picture.

What you see in the middle is my Reality,
but the TRUTH is in my I.D.
and still there’s something missing, if you really look and See.

The EYE in THE SKY has the picture that may be missing,
Who put it there is anybodies guess, or maybe you are wishing,
But the Reason for this Being, is my LOVE, who i’m always kissing!

she forbids me to tell you any more. . .

And that, in Reality,
Truly is, the score!

What you see below, is just a drawing.
That man is not real, even from the front,
When you look at God’s creation,
Whether in your home, or as a Nation,
do you think you know what you’re looking at?
or is what you’re looking at, an abomination?
If you stay true to a document,
make sure it is a monument,
To the TRUTH and also, REALITY.

This is something you must decide,
because the punishment, may come from your hide.

You can’t leave it to a committee, it is yours and yours alone,
decide right now, and choose your source, before you’re just a bone. . .

Please, my friend, WILL you try to decide,
before you are actually dead?

this is not me

who made this sketch, for it is not me?

We are at a Junction…

And there’s a man i know, who is moving kinda slow!

We all move slow from time to time, and that is okay. Look to the doGz, let them be your guide. Now, i don’t know about the boxer, we put him in a cage. But the Lady, who is a bitch, took the journey fine. You could even say she was an angel. Just ask Love.

This man i know, likes to say NO. When i say yes, he’s always in the NO, but he thinks he really knows, which way the wind blows.  He should leave these things to a Natural Mystic.  But, he thinks he’s self-aware.

I’ve asked this friend, this man of NO, what does he mean? Unfortunately he won’t answer me, yet he types on an on. Now, i don’t mind at all because i’m just killin’ time, and this friend i know, this man of NO, must be killin’ time too. What the hell should it matter to you?

It shouldn’t really, but some people think a train wreck is coming, and we all like a good show.   To be honest with you, i really don’t care. As i’ve said all along, i’m just killin’ time. Have you killed anybody in your time? Let’s hope not – for i think you should fry, and so does LOVE.

Assuming that you’re just a small fry, but a peaceful guy just the same, the fact of the reality is that we’re all playing a game. The Small fry, and the big doG, are really about the same, it’s what’s in the mirror that matters in this game.

This man i know, who moves kinda slow, isn’t a small fry and isn’t a doG. He’s a puppy, and as puppies often do, he can muck things up.  What do you do with a puppy? You train him. Once the puppy is trained, then the puppy should behave. But we never know, the puppy is still just a doG.  And a doG is not a God.  We are not gods either, but we are God’s people. EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US. Whether you like it, or not.

So at this junction what should we do?
We don’t want to be puppies, mucking things up;
We are not doGz, so we can’t be our own guides;
And we are not Seals.

Just like puppies, and doGz, seals can be trained.  But, you must know how to train them. Read a good book on the subject, and follow the directions.  There’s a Great Seal that i know of, and it had it’s own directions. Unfortunately, people keep changing them . This confuses the seals, the doGz, & the people – but not the GOD. You SEE, GOD doesn’t need to change a thing. Everything is just as HE planned it. You just haven’t been paying attention, while you’ve been paying for all your goodies.

That’s okay, as i said, we’re at the Junction, of Truth & Reality!  You actually need to think for yourself while you are hear.  I can’t train you, you are a person and not a doG, nor a Seal. And anyway, this is just a blog – who do you think i am?

So, in parting i’d like to ask you this. Would you rather be a person, a Seal, or a doG?  you’ll never be a GOD, nor will i.

I know i’m a Person, who has nothing to hide,
and has submitted to the Will of God,
and now i live by instinct,
and trust the future to know ONE.

I’ll just let it happen!

Marco, Presidents, & Kings

don't worry, it's just a toy gun!

They want a Caption hear, but i won't be captured

This post is for Memorial Day.
My ‘pilot video’ was released on Memorial Day, and dedicated to several beings.
My Love,
My Friend, Danny, the last hamlet,
My Friend, Len, who goes by TuttiFrutti (and Emotion),
and my Friend, MikeFromTX.

A few moments ago, i was discussing self-awareness with a bunch of friends (you can find them all on different Channels).
We all got a bit excited, and some of my friends became concerned about me.
I was concerned about the last hamlet, but he has died since then;
I was concerned about TuttiFrutti, she was truly upset, i asked my friends to be kind to her, and they ignored my pleas;
MikeFromTX didn’t seem too concerned, i asked how his day was,
and he said, “its a beautiful day”. Mike is fighting another Man’s war, let’s Hope Mike is okay at this moment.
Love and i met in the Far East, and we were serving our time.

Evidently, that wasn’t enough for my friend Marco though. I posted a link to the video, and Marco berated me. I’m not sure why he did this. If Marco had just clicked on the links, he would have understood how this all links together.

I will now try to explain. You can wish me Luck, but i’ll just accept the fact that whatever happenshappens.

If you’ve been following along,
you know that i’m a Sharp Cracker,
some would say i’m a coal cracker too,
in the past i really was an elf, but how can this be true?
Was i the elf who gets baked – or did you think it was you?
or are we all the elves who are animated by You-know-Who?

I’ll tell you this though:
i’m just a man,
who loves a woman,
and trust’s in You-know-Who.

At this moment i’ve truly submitted,
and now i’m hittin’ my stried.
in the next moment i may be tired,
Hell, i know the last moment is when i’ve died.
But please try to forget me,
I’ll let some other entity decide,
if this meaningless elf was in Reality, Truly inspired.

(i’m probably out of order, babbling about my own death, but it is memorial day)

Marco, Presidents, and Kings

This post is dedicated to all the warriors who have died TRULY defending, a Real & Just Cause. Not those pretending, not those who kill the innocent. Nobody defends the truly guilty, except somebody who is confused about reality, or who just simply lies.

But it is also dedicated to America, and the ideal of Freedom. Because i have discovered that the Truth truly does set one free. Free to say, and do whatever one pleases. I say, and do whatever pleases me. If you know me, then you should be pleased also.  At some moments none of us are pleased, but if you are patient that moment will pass.
When i am patient, i know that moment has passed – never to return again. Because of this, i try to do the right thing, and the right thing will usually please me, and please my friends.

My friend Marco types what he pleases. But as with many people, Marco
doesn’t think before typing, and doesn’t investigate before thinking.
Now, Marco Polo was a guy who investigated before he wrote something.
He also had a lot of time to think, before he wrote. We should all be more like Marco Polo, then my friend Marco.

But, if Marco is a guy who wears Polo Shirts, try to find out if he is a guy that served in the military too. Polo Shirts are okay, but everybody should serve their country, honorably, and voluntarily – if even for a brief moment.

I hear he golfs alot too.

He golfs in a Polo Shirt. Has he served in any uniform? Have you?

I know i’ve seen our president in a polo shirt. His middle name is Hussein. One of my 3 wise men, the African-American, is named Sadonis.
People confuse it for Saddam,
but Sadonis did his time in the Navy;
Saddam was a President and a Military man, but now he’s a dead man;
Hussein, is our President, and i’m damn proud he was elected,
but if i want somebody leading me, or covering my back…
There is no question about it – Sadonis is my Man.

I learned my respect for those who defend, from my Father. He first defended the people, and later he fed them. I volunteered, and they put my intelligence to work. Later, i tried to make the Point. After some preschool, i made the Point.

The Point is a triple play, any way you look at it.
At the United States Military Academy, it is “Duty, Honor, Country”.
Duty to a cause, and that cause is freedom;
Honor is when we share the Truth of our reality;
and Country is the land that we all should defend.

if you put it to the mirror, know that this is also true:
Man defends has castle, which is built on the land,
when we live the same truth, this land is a strong country.
Honor between men and women is when we tell each other the Truth;
And Duty, are the actions we perform in support of our Freedom.

But there is another triple play that i learned at West Point, and that are the 3 Standard Answers:

Yes Sir,
No Sir,
Sir, i do not understand.

Hear is what i have learned about the 3 Standard Answers:
When in a conversation, you should listen very closely.
If a question is not asked – an answer is not needed.
Some people still want to hear you talk. This is the most important moment to use one of your 3 Standard Answers.

If you Agree with somebody, all you have to say is “Yes Sir”;
If you do not uderstand what you have heard, you need only say, “Sir, i don’t understand”.

And hear is the hardest part of all, but in Reality it can be done:

If you disagree with another, simply say No Sir, and walk away. But if you want to know the TRUTH, you must say,

“Sir, i do not understand”. Now, step away, be patient, and wait for a better explanation.

There really isn’t any reason to argue, is there?

Now we’ve talked about Marco, and we’ve talked about the President, but what about the King?
Well, even though he was not a warrior;
He was actually a man of peace,
He was trying to tell us all the Truth about Freedom,
but many didn’t like his face.
Those that have followed, have distorted his Truth,
That we are all in this together, and we should never use force.

What do you think He would say today?

His mistake was John’s mistake,
Because you can’t imagine a dream,
You must submit to the Truth of Reality
to reap the rewards before the end.

So, this is also in memory of the King. Whoever that might be.

My Video, and The Contest…

i’m creating a video fo a contest i’m entering. The video can only last a brief moment, so i had to say a lot in a short time. Some people may find the video confusing, but it’s not incomprehensible bollocks. I’m sure even a drug addled simpleton can understand after i explain it all hear:

Hi, I’m Dan McFarling, I’m 51 years old, and live near Hazleton, PA. I work in facilities maintenance, you might even say that I’m a jack of all trades. One of my current projects at my paying job, is relamping the facility so everybody can see a bit more clearly. This is my video resume, I hope you like what you hear – and just maybe, my words will help you see more clearly too. I believe that a traditional talk show, needs a wild card in the dealers chair. If you’d like to see & hear this, then I’m your man.

I was just in Chicago the other day, and had my first taste of Chicago Deep Dish Pizza;
Wow, that stuff was great!

Hopefully, I can entice you into trying your first taste of my Deep Thinking. Hear is just a bit of what is on my mind, at the moment:

While rafts float effortlessly in the river of Reality[this is a reference to Buddhism];
It is the pillars that supports the TRUTH [this is a reference to Islam];
And yet, the fact of the matter is this:

I’m Dan the Man and I’m hear to tell you that –
Truth is Reality;
You may believe that a doG is the Reason [a phrase you may have heard, slightly modified];
But what I really think is that doGz have Reasons [this phrase is modified].

Now that may sound like Deep doodoo to you,
but if you do understand those words, you may understand everything else I say,
and if you do not understand those words,
you haven’t discovered enough of the world, why not let me be your guide.

The Truth is, I’m actually a really Sharp [i work for Sharp Corporation] Cracker [i’m one of only 3 who worked for Keebler in the same building],
And the Reality is, i was just an elf [i used to work for Keebler Corp, the elf is their mascot] at an earlier time in my life.

There are many elves [i have a ‘Grumpy’ muscle shirt] in this world, but only one reality.
My true friends know exactly what kind of elf I was [as i mentioned, a Keebler elf],
You will need to do your research to discover who I am at the moment [i actually go by many names, if you think about it – we all do].

I Hope that my words have made you curious, and that you’ll want to seek out more.
I have Faith that what I tell you is true, because I know the Reality of which I speak.

So, I’m ready to talk to anybody, and listen to what they have to say,
Once I hear what you have said, then we can begin the conversation…

Once the conversation starts, we’ll see where it goes.
I’m willing to talk to anybody, and my friends are always willing to talk to me,
Some of these friends are my 3 wise men, the Liberian, the Jamaican, and the African-American [i work with the Liberian & African-American, the Jamaican works with my wife – taking care of the less fortunate beings in this life].
But I also have 3 stooges [my cousins] in my life, and honestly, I really have learned from them too.
The Truth of the matter is, I’ve learned from everybody, and I’m still learning. Have you stopped learning?

When our conversation really gets going, I just might bring some friends along for the discussion. This is how we all come together to talk about whatever it is you want to talk about.

I’ll just be the conduit, for getting at the reality, that in actuality, is the Truth.

So, please vote for my video and we can start the conversation.

I must close for now, but will Thank you for your time and consideration,

My closing wish for you is that all be well with you and your Loved ones.

Know that we are doing just fine at the moment.

Oh, and if any of this is confusing to you,
just hunt me down,
and I’ll give you all the answers.